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Welcome to Build On Time Constructions of London, we are your local trusted name in home and office building services. We provide the widest range of Building Construction services, both residential & commercial, available for all projects of all sizes.


Build On Time Constructions roofing services are available for private and commercial customers, we can either repair your roof or entire change. There are all kinds of guttering and facials available. Flat, pitch, one sided roofs, terraces, balconies, sky windows and doors are all available on customer’s request and many more. For more information do not hesitate to give us a call for free estimates. 
Should you wish to tender for, or discuss any plans for future work you require we would be pleased to assist you and your company to the best of our ability. Please click here to contact us or phone 020 8205 2018 anytime during business hours.
Thank you for visiting out web site and your future consideration is appreciated.

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